Element of Play is a program developed to bring about psychosocial change and rehabilitate communities in areas of extreme poverty and disaster. We know that adverse childhood experiences can cause children to miss critical developmental milestones, which creates lasting negative consequences in their lives, and can have a cumulative effect in their communities.  We designed EOP as a modular, educational curriculum serving children who’ve been living with trauma. It transforms and equips them to become confident, competent, thriving adults.

What differentiates our program is our recognition that true change can only happen when a community can care for itself, so the key to EOP's success is that we train adults living in poverty-stricken communities to be the children’s teachers. We maintain that any adult has the capacity to be a teacher—they can attain a sense of mastery and purpose and they will benefit from the immense rewards of supporting a child’s healing and development. By facilitating this relationship through teaching and training, we are able to positively change the trajectory of the lives of the children and adults involved.